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This screen was designed to familiarize the User with common hazard labels found in the workplace. Clicking the mouse on a hazard label will display its definition.

The Hazard Placard screen consists of five distinct elements, the first element is the group of common hazard labels, the second is the rectangular text box directly below the labels. Clicking on a given hazard label will cause its definition to be displayed in the rectangular text box. The third area is the Licensed To: box. This is where your company name is displayed exactly as you entered it during the registration step. Fourth is the MicroHelp box. In Safety Officer II, each time the mouse pointer enters an active area on the screen, MicroHelp tells you what will happen if the mouse button is clicked. The fifth and final section is the ICON bar or toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Each screen will present a different set of ICON's depending current mode of operation and the command options available on that screen. MicroHelp and the ICON bar are design elements common to all SOII screens.


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